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Four Pieces
The sheet music for The Liaison, R??verie, Valse Bleue and Harlequin
is now available.

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The music behind Watership Down
Fans of this movie might be interested in how the music came together.
Read about it here. Also includes scans of the original music cue sheets.

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The Film & Television Music of Angela Morley
The recording sessions of this all-digital production took place at
EMI Abbey Road Studios on May 13th and 14th, 2003 in Studio 2.
The repertoire consists of some of my film and television music,
in addition to some music composed for the Chappell catalogue.
John Wilson recorded with a fifty piece orchestra-- the best of
London's session musicians. There are more details here...

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Soft Lights & Sweet Music
A CD of my earlier arrangements from the 1960's and 1970's.
The recording was taped at Abbey Road in the summer of 2001, and
features the wonderful performances of John Wilson and his Orchestra.
More extensive details of this release can be found on this page...
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