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= Film Scores =

Soundtrack Collector - Database of motion picture soundtracks
Film Music Magazine - Music in film and television
Filmtracks - Modern soundtrack reviews
Cinemusic Online - Score album reviews
Film Score Monthly
Rejected Film Scores

= Sheet Music = - Source for public domain sheet music
WIMA: Werner Icking Music Archive - Sheet music from Sibelius notation software users
Musica Viva - Download sheet music for various instruments
RowyNet - Sheet Music Archive
The Choral Public Domain Library - Download free choral sheet music
The International Choral Repertoire Database
Kalmus Music - Orchestral and operatic sheet music
Hollywood Sheet Music - Sheet music retailer
JW Pepper and Sons - Sheet music retailer
Sheet Music Plus - Sheet music retailer
Music Notation Links

= Music Societies =

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers  (ASCAP)
American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers  (ASMAC)
Society of European Songwriters, Artists and Composers  (SESAC)
Society of Composers and Lyricists  (SCL)
Broadcast Music, Inc.  (BMI)
Performing Right Society  (PRS)
Music Publisher's Association of the United States  (MPA)
The Film Music Society
The World Soundtrack Academy
The Robert Farnon Society
The Dominant Club

= Music Search =

Piano Repertoire Search Engine
The Aria Database
The Big Bands Database
Big Bands and Big Names
Progressive Rock Resources
Jazz Professional
Jazz World Database
Classic Themes - Light Music Composers; TV, Radio Theme Songs
Classical Music Pages
All Music Guide
BMI Repertoire  (published music database)
ASCAP ACE on the Web  (published music database)
SESAC Repertory Online  (published music database)
Public Domain info
vanBasco - MIDI sequence file search engine
Music Robot - MIDI file search - Search for MIDI sequence files
Netsound Music - Used, rare and collectible music items - Locate hard-to-find recordings
CD BBQ - Rare and out-of-print LPs transfered to CD-Rs

= General Search =

Google - Search the Web
Google Discussion Groups  (a massive archive of articles)
Scroogle - Google search results without the ads or 'fluff'
Blackle - Google search interface with black background
Google Ultimate Interface
Yahoo Search  (utilizing Inktomi's search engine)
Twingine - Yahoo and Google results side-by-side on one page
Gahooyoogle - Another implementation of Yahoo and Google side-by-side
A9 - Amazon's Web search engine, with image preview
All The Web
Clusty - Meta Search
IxQuick - Meta Search
JUX 2 - Meta Search  (combined results from Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves)
KartOO - Visual Search  (interesting variation; utilizes Flash) - Topic-based search engine
Google online street maps - UK
Google online street maps - USA
MapQuest online street maps - USA
MultiMap - Online street maps for Great Britain, Europe, USA, more
The Internet Mine - Search Engine Reference Desk
Searchlore - Information for the advanced Web searcher

= Reference =

Extremes of Conventional Music Notation
British vs. American Musical Terms
The Orchestra: A User's Manual
Piano Room - Piano finger placement for a given chord name
Guitar Room, Advanced - Guitar finger placement for given chord name
The MIDI Specification - details of the MIDI protocol
Internet Archive Wayback Machine
The Internet Movie Database
The Big Cartoon Database  (find music, voiceover details, etc.)
Corona Coming Attractions (now located at
DVD Verdict - DVD Reviews and Upcoming Releases
Film production terminology
Wikipedia - World's largest encylopedia - World's greatest encyclodictionalmanacapedia
Fact Index  (find answers on variety of subjects)
Everything 2  (writeups concerning just about everything)
RefDesk.Com - General Reference
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk'
The Physics Factbook
KMLE Medical Dictionary - The Online Quantinary
Infoplease - Almanacs, atlas, thesaurus, more - Links to world maps and atlases
Terraserver USA - View aerial photos of any location in US
Melissa Data - Lookup Index  (lots of useful stuff here)

= Language =

OneLook Dictionary Search
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Online Etymology Dictionary
Urban Dictionary (Slang)
Online Jargon File
Acronym Search
Rhymezone  (very useful online tool for lyricists)
Cliche Finder
Language Identifier
Translations by Google
Altavista's Babelfish - Online language translations
Systrans - Translate between various languages
WebVerbix - Online verb conjugator (various languages) - Resources for writers
Common errors in English
Language Log - Discussions of English language idiosyncrasies
Identifont - Online Font Identifier

= Audio = - Discussions about audio recording, editing, mixing etc. - How to solve ground loop problems (50/60 Hz audio hum)
SAE Reference Material Center - Entry-level tutorials for understanding audio - Audio electronic circuit schematics - manuals and schematics for various equipment
KVR Audio - Latest reviews and download links for soft synths, VST plugins etc. - Largest online database of free audio plugins
Hammersound - Large repository of free downloadable soundfonts - Free downloadable soundfonts - Large collection of sound samples
Home Musician - Free soundfonts, MIDI files, tablatures, more
Noisevault - Free impulse response waves for convolution reverbs - Audio sample search engine
The Freesound Project
Partners In Rhyme - Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects - MIDI plugins for sequencing software
ET Planet - Large collection of MIDI files, catagorized by artist
Extreme Synth Weirdness Project - Selection of free music software to download
Minidisc Community Portal - Recorder and player reference, repair tips, etc.
The MIDI Manufacturers Association
Harmony Central - Musical instruments, hardware, software, info
Angela Instruments - Hard-to-find parts for vintage amps, etc.

= Other Sites of Interest = - The art and analyses of film sound design
Site detailing early days of BBC's Broadcasting House
Drew's Script-O-Rama - Large database of film dialog scripts
GotWavs - Movie quotes, sounds, wavs
Film subtitle files for DIVX video encoders
Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog
U.S. Copyright Office - Download various copyright forms - Troubleshooting and tips for Outlook Express
Decoding Internet Attachments - A Tutorial
Computer Stupidities - Horror stories of the computer illiterate among us - Download latest audio-video codecs
FILExt - The File Extension Source - over 18,000 entries
IP Address Locator Tool
DNS Stuff
American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN)
Usenet FAQ Archive search
eConsultant - useful free utilities
Last Freeware Version
Alliance Française du Grand Phoenix
Epinions - User reviews of consumer products - Reviewing the Reviews
Snopes - Analysis of urban myths, common hoaxes, scams etc.
Quackwatch - Dissects dubious claims made by various health-related groups
Audiophile - Exposing some rather questionable 'audiophile' products
Science Clarified
The Smoking Gun
Slashdot - News for Nerds
Daily Rotation - Meta headlines from the technology sector

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